Depending on your role in your organization or how you would like to utilize the Rheaply Platform, there are different ways to post items.


  • Your organization must have rentals and requests enabled for you to engage with these features.

Who can do this?

  • Sellers (can create posts and make offers on posts)

  • Recipients (can make offers on posts)

  • Admins (full access to all post types)

Where is it done?

  • To create a post, click Create at the top right


Listings are items that are for donation or sale. This is typically surplus that can transfer ownership from one member of the organization to another. For example, office supplies, furniture, tools, and other equipment that are facing end-of-life can be claimed by users in the marketplace looking to save costs and reduce waste. By creating posts and managing your inventory on Rheaply, you help everyone at your organization be more sustainable. All members can now see what is available within their neighboring teams and departments to help reuse supplies.


Rentals are tools, equipment, or even workspaces that are shared between members of your organization. For example, hand tools, lab equipment, farming machinery, electronics, and conference rooms can be booked in advance through Rheaply's Rental scheduling option.


Requests are for items that cannot be found in the marketplace but that are still needed. Once a user creates a request, other users at your organization can send a message to fulfill the request.

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