Explore Listings, Rentals, Requests

The Rheaply Platform can be accessed several different ways. At the very top of the homepage navigation bar are links to Listings, Rentals, and Requests, as well as a Search Bar. The Post Types can also be accessed in the middle of the homepage and specific Categories can be explored based on Interests in Your Feed.

  1. From the main homepage, click on Listings, Rentals, or Requests at the top of the screen or enter a Search keywords.

  2. Click on Interests in Your Feed.

Post Details

Every Post on the Rheaply Platform will contain the following details to help you make an Offer:

  • Post Title

  • Cost

  • Qty Available

  • Number of total offers made on the post

  • Post Owner

  • Location and Map

  • Description

  • Related posts

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