Adding a Location

When filling out the form to Create a Post, you will be asked to include a Pick-up Location. Adding a Location to your Post allows members of your organization to understand where the item they are interested in is physically located.

The Locations feature provides a standard but flexible framework to identify exactly where assets live. This framework is called a Location Hierarchy. The Location Hierarchy can be customized for each organization. For example, our University partners may use the Location Hierarchy Campus / Building / Floor / Room.

Adding a New Building, Floor or Room

When adding a Location to your Post, you will have the option to choose from your organization's predefined list of Locations, or add your own if you do not see the specific Location you are looking for.

If you do not see the specific building, floor or room that your item is located in you can choose +New Building, +New Floor, or +New Room to add that Location to the dropdown menu.

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