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Set pricing on your listing (buy now vs. offers)
Set pricing on your listing (buy now vs. offers)

Use pricing format to control how buyers interact with your listings.

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Note: this feature is in beta and only available upon request. Please contact your admin or customer success manager for more information.

This article is helpful if:

  • You are claiming something on the platform

  • You are posting something on the platform

Where is it done?

  • When creating a single listing

  • When bulk creating listings

Set pricing format when creating a single listing

  1. Set the pricing format (note: this cannot be changed after your listing is published)

  2. Publish your listing

Set pricing format when bulk creating listings

  1. Start creating multiple listings:

  2. Set the pricing format for each listing or bulk edit many at once (note: this cannot be changed after your listing is published)

  3. Publish your listings

As a seller, when creating a listing, you can set the pricing format between Buy now or Offers. This allows you to control whether buyers can immediately purchase or make offers on your listing.

With Buy now, buyers will be able to buy (or claim) your listing immediately. If your organization has Payments enabled, the buyer will pay while placing the order, and all you have to do is fulfill the order. If your organization does not accept payments online, payment will still be coordinated over messaging.

With Offers, buyers will submit an offer to express interest in your listing. You will then be able to sort through and select which offer you would like to accept, putting you more in control of who gets your item.

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