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Bulk Create Listings
Bulk Create Listings
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Through the bulk create listings feature you can post multiple listings at once.

Who can do this?

  • Sellers

  • Admins

Where is it done?

  • Under create new post there is a bulk create button that is found in the listing section.


  1. Navigate to the create new post page. Here you will find a list of all available post types.

  2. Underneath the 'Listing' post type you will find a button labeled ‘Bulk create’. Click on this to navigate to the bulk create listings page. On this page you will be presented with a table in which you can input listing data.

  3. To add more rows you can click on the plus sign located at the top of the table or you can click on Add listing which is located at the bottom.

  4. To edit multiple listings at the same time select all the desired listings by clicking the square which is located at the beginning of each row. After doing so you’ll see additional toolbar options at the top of the table.

  5. To edit the data for multiple listings click on the pencil icon labeled edit fields. Then choose the field in which you want to edit. After completing your edit, click the button labeled apply. This will apply your information across all selected listings.

  6. To delete multiple listings at a time you can click on the trash can icon labeled delete. This will delete all selected listings from the table. NOTE: You cannot undo this action once completed.

  7. If you navigate away from the bulk create listings page, your data will be saved as a cookie in your browser. When you return to the page, your data will still be there.

  8. Once you have finished entering in your listings you will have the option to either save them as a draft or to publish them. Clicking the save draft button will create draft posts for each of your listings. Clicking on the publish button will post your listing on the Rheaply Marketplace.

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