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Search, filter, and sort listings
Search, filter, and sort listings

How to search, filter, and sort available listings to improve your browsing experience

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Through the use of the search, filter, and sort functions, a user can narrow their item view to help find exactly what they are looking for.

This article is helpful if:

  • You are claiming something on the platform

  • You are posting something on the platform

Where is it done?

  • The search, filter, and sort functions are all found on the main toolbar at the top of the listings page.



Search Listingss

Enter Keywords into the Search Bar. Listings that match a part of your query will be displayed. To help others find your Listings more easily, consider adding Custom Tags when creating your Listings.

  1. Click on the Search bar.

  2. Enter your keyword(s) and hit enter on your keyboard or click the magnifying glass icon to submit your search.

  3. See relevant Listings.

Filter Listings

To refine your search in the marketplace, filter results using the following methods:

  • Category

  • Condition

  • Price

  • Location

  • Tags

  • My Organization only

Sort Listings

Search results can be sorted in the following ways using the drop-down menu on the right side of the marketplace:

  • Date Newest/Oldest

  • Price Highest/Lowest

  • Title A-Z or Z-A

  • Distance Nearest/Furthest

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