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Set up payments for your organization using Stripe
Set up payments for your organization using Stripe

Adding payments through Stripe for your company

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This article is helpful if:

  • You plan to transact items on the platform

When an organization has Payments enabled, buyers can pay for an order. Organization admins can set up a payout account on behalf of their organization. Buyers can pay for an order with a credit card or ACH.

Rheaply will initiate payments once a month for orders completed and paid by the buyer for 30 days.

Please contact your Customer Success Manager to begin setting up your account with the ability to add payments. Once started, you will receive a link to complete the required information to set up this feature which is listed below. The link will expire after seven days, and you must contact your Customer Success Manager to send an updated link.

Step 1: Select company, enter your mobile number, and email

Step 2: Enter the verification code from your mobile device

Step 3: Enter your business name, EIN, address, phone number, industry, and website

All financial institutions are required to get this information based on Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations. KYC is a legal requirement for financial institutions and financial services companies to establish a customer's identity and identify risk factors. KYC procedures help prevent identity theft, money laundering, financial fraud, terrorism financing, and other financial crimes.

Step 4: Enter your legal name, email address, Job title, DOB, Home address, and last 4 of social or upload your ID

Step 4 Alternative to SSN: Take a picture of your ID with your phone/webcam or upload a file

Step 5: Add business owners (optional)

Step 6: Select and enter your account for payout

Step 7: Review all of your details

Once completing this step, the account will be created.

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