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Access and read reports

Take a gander at the various reports available on the Rheaply platform.

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In this section of the Rheaply Platform, you are able to access various reports to track your organization's progress toward your goals.

This article is helpful if:

  • Your organization is a Rheaply platform subscriber

Where is it done?

Admins can access Reports by clicking on Reports in the sidebar.

Available reports

Active users:

Understand the degree to which users are actively engaging with the platform. Log in and view your active users report here:

Estimated embodied carbon avoided report (beta):

A report on the Rheaply platform that allows admin users to view the estimated embodied carbon avoided from the reuse of items in their organization. For more detailed information about this report, view this article. You can also log in and view your embodied carbon avoided report here:

Items exchanged:

Understand the overall health of the marketplace by understanding how many items have been posted, how many items have been exchanged, and your organization's exchange rate. Log in and view your items exchanged report here:

Offers made:

Explore how often users submit offers on listings. Log in and view your offers report here:

Offer response time:

A look into how quickly users respond to offers. Log in and view your offer response time report here:

Listings created:

Gauge the level of engagement by looking at how often users create listings. Log in and view your listings report here:

Top categories:

Each listing requires a selected Category before being published to the marketplace. This section will show the most commonly used Categories and how many Listings have been created per Category. The data is broken down by Category for Items, Value Identified, and Value Recaptured. Log in and view this report here:

Value available & recaptured:

This section shows the replacement cost of your items available for exchange or recaptured due to an exchange. Value Available is the total replacement cost of all items available for exchange at your organization, and Value Recaptured is the total replacement cost of all transactions at your organization. Log in and view your value reports here:

Weight available:

Visualize and track the total estimated weight of items on the platform that is available for reuse at any given time. Log in and view your assets' weight report here:

Weight diverted:

Visualize and track the estimated total weight of resources that your organization has diverted due to reuse. Log in and view your weight diverted report here:

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