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Edit your organization's profile

How to add a logo and other details to your organization's profile

Written by Katie Melind
Updated over a week ago

Build trust with the people you're transacting with on Rheaply by filling out a profile for your organization. Use your profile to showcase your active listings and give potential buyers more information about your organization.

This is helpful if:

  • You are an admin

Edit your organization’s profile:

  1. Click Admin in the sidebar navigation and then select Organization

  2. Click the Edit profile button

  3. Upload a logo, set your organization’s name and type. Then add a Description and a Website URL.

    1. You should include clear details about your products or services, who and what area you serve, and a few keywords to increase your chances of showing up for relevant searches.

  4. (Optional) Nonprofits and other organizations may have documentation to share in order to help speed up transactions. Upload and attach that document to your profile here.

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