As an admin, you can manage all posts that are created by users. Posts that do not meet your requirements can be deleted or the post owner can be messaged for revisions. Only admins will be able to see and manage posts created by all users.

Who can do this?

  • Admins

Where is it done?

  • Via the posts tab on the toolbar on the left side of the page.


  1. On the admin toolbar on the left, click posts.

  2. Select listings, rentals, or requests.

  3. Use the filters to find a specific post.

  4. Click the ellipses on the post you want to edit, duplicate, deactivate, delete or mark complete.

Messaging post owners for revisions

If a post does not meet your requirements, but you do not want to delete or edit the post yourself, the post owner can be messaged for revisions.

  1. Open the post you would like to see revisions made on.

  2. Click on the user's name in the details.

  3. Click on message.

  4. Send the message to the user and they will receive an email and a notification in their Rheaply account.

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