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Creating posts is essential to cultivating a healthy marketplace on the Rheaply Platform. By adding more items to the marketplace, more value can be recognized and reused by potential recipients.

Who can do this?

  • Sellers

  • Admins

Where is it done?

  • Use the Create button at the top right of the Rheaply Platform to create Listings or Requests. All Posts that are created will be shown in the marketplace and can be filtered by search keyword, category, price, proximity, and more.


  1. Click Create.

  2. Select a Post Type: Listing or Request.

  3. Complete the entire form.

  4. Select Save Draft to save your Post as a Draft, or Done to publish your Post to the marketplace.

More definitions:

Asset Tag

An Asset Tag is a barcode/serial number that an organization uses to track high valued equipment.


Tags help members of your organization find your post when they use filters or search using keywords.

Sustainability Metrics

Market Value Per Unit refers to the value of each unit if it were to be purchased new and helps your organization to determine cost savings from reuse.

Weight Per Unit is the weight of each unit and helps your organization to track how much weight they have diverted from the landfill.

Single Count vs. Multiple Count

When selecting the Quantity of the item you are posting, you have the option to choose whether the item is Single Count or Multiple Count.

  1. Single Count (ex. chair, table, scale)

    1. Enter Units

  2. Multiple Count (ex. box of pipettes, box of gloves)

    1. Enter Units and Count Per Unit


When you are creating a Post, you can choose whether you want the post displayed to the entire Rheaply Network, or only to members of your organization.

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