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How to manage offers you make or receive on listings

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The Toolbar is where you can manage all Offers you've made on other users' Listings and Offers you've received on your Listings.

This article is helpful if:

  • You are listing something on the platform

  • You have received an offer on an item

Where is it done?

  • It will be located in the Toolbar on the left panel of the page under Selling.


  1. Click on Selling in the lefthand Toolbar and then immediately select Offers from the dropdown.

  2. On the Received offers page, you can now toggle between Unaccepted, Accepted, On hold, Completed, and Declined.

  3. Now you can View, Accept, or Decline offers that other users have made on your listings.

  4. Filter by Listing, User, or Tags

  5. Sort Offers by Date: Oldest/Newest or Price: Lowest/Highest.

Additional notes:

Unaccepted Offers

These are Offers that have yet to be accepted or declined. As you receive Offers, it's best to update the Offer status immediately so that exchanges can be quickly coordinated. Once an Offer has been accepted or declined, it will move to the appropriate section.

  • Click on Unaccepted.

  • Select Accept, Decline, or View offer

  • You can coordinate payment and logistics with the other user through Messaging.

Accepted Offers

Accepting an Offer means you intend to make an exchange and will coordinate a pickup time with the other person through Messaging. Upon acceptance, the quantity of the listing is reduced accordingly (for example if there were 10 chairs originally, and the accepted offer was for 1 chair, the quantity would go down to 9). If the entire quantity was included in the accepted offer, the listing would revert to a “None available” state and would no longer be visible to others browsing the platform.

On Hold Offers

Offers are automatically moved to the On Hold section if a competing Offer has been accepted or if there is no longer enough Quantity to fulfill the original Offer. The user making the Offer can either Withdraw or Resubmit the Offer.

Completed Offers

Offers that have been marked as delivered by the giver and received by the recipient are considered complete.

Declined Offers

Offers that have been Withdrawn or Declined will be moved to this section. Offers cannot be activated again, but the user who made the original Offer can be messaged if there has been an update to your Listing.

  1. Click on Declined.

  2. Click on any Offer.

  3. Click Message to communicate any changes to your listing.

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