The Exchange Center is where you can manage all Offers you've made on other users' Posts and Offers you've received on your Posts.

Who can do this?

  • All users

Where is it done?

  • If you're an Admin, it will be located in the Admin Toolbar on the left panel of the page. If you're a Standard User, it will be located in the drop-down menu at the top right.


  1. Go to the Exchange Center.

  2. Select Listings, Rentals, or Requests to manage.

  3. Toggle between Selling/Giving or Buying/Receiving.

    1. Selling/Giving: Offers ANOTHER USER has made on assets that you are selling in the marketplace that they would like to purchase from you.

    2. Buying/Receiving: Offers YOU have made on assets in the marketplace that you would like to purchase from another user.

  4. Manage Active, Accepted, On Hold, Completed, and Declined offers.

  5. Filter by Search or User.

  6. Sort Offers by Date: Oldest/Newest or Price: Lowest/Highest.

Additional notes:

Active Offers

These are Offers that have yet to be accepted or declined. As you receive Offers, it's best to update the Offer status immediately so that exchanges can be quickly coordinated. Once an Offer has been accepted or declined, it will move to the appropriate section.

  • Click on Active.

  • Select Accept or Decline.

  • Coordinate payment and logistics with the other user through Messaging.

Accepted Offers

Accepting an Offer means you intend to make an exchange and will coordinate a pickup time with the other person through Messaging.

  • Click on Accepted.

  • Once an item has been exchanged, click Mark Complete.

On Hold Offers

Offers are automatically moved to the On Hold section if a competing Offer has been accepted or if there is no longer enough Quantity to fulfill the original Offer. The user making the Offer can either Withdraw or Resubmit the Offer.

  1. Click On Hold.

  2. If the original Post does not have enough Quantity, the Offer will automatically change to show how much is left remaining.

  3. As the owner of the Offer that is On Hold, click Withdraw or Resubmit.

Completed Offers

Offers that have been Marked Complete will count toward the Total Value Recaptured and Total Weight Recaptured for your organization. These metrics reflect how much value is being saved and how much waste is being diverted from landfills. It's important to mark your Offers as Completed so that accurate data is reported to the platform Admins.

  1. Click on Completed.

  2. Click on any Offer to see its summary.

Declined Offers

Offers that have been Withdrawn or Declined will be moved to this section. Offers cannot be activated again, but the original Offer owner can be messaged if there has been an update to your Post.

  1. Click on Declined.

  2. Click on any Offer.

  3. Click Talk to, to send a message to the original Offer owner.

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