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Describe an item's condition
Describe an item's condition

Learn about the different conditions that you can use to describe your item.

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When listing an item for sale on the Rheaply platform, you will be asked to set the condition of the listing. The condition is used to help describe your item to potential buyers or donation recipients.

This article is helpful if:

  • You are claiming something on the platform

  • You are posting something on the platform

See the table below for a detailed description of each of the conditions.

Note: if you are selling multiple of the same item with different conditions, make a separate listing to be able to set each item’s condition separately.




A brand new item. Sold or donated as new, untouched in the original box.

Used – Like new or open box

This item is in excellent condition but has previously been used, or the box has been opened. There are no signs of wear or defect.

Used – Good

This item has been used with minor signs of wear. The item still works as intended.

Used – Acceptable

This item has signs of wear and tear or minor defects. This item is still usable but may not be considered in good condition.

For parts or not working

This item is damaged or not usable. The item can be sold or donated for parts or with the expectation that it requires repair to use.


This item has gone through a refurbishing process. Refurbishing processes generally include product inspection, replacement or repair for any parts that don't work, cleaning, and repackaging.

Note: product certification and warranty documentation can be uploaded as Attachments to the Listing.

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