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Change listing owner
Change listing owner
Set or edit who manages a listing and its associated offers & orders.
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Change listing owner

Any Poster or Admin can now set or edit the listing owner when creating or editing their listings. The listing owner is responsible for the listing and its resulting offers and orders.


  • Listing owner CANNOT be changed if the listing already has at least 1 offer or order.

Who can do this?

  • Posters

  • Admins

Where is it done?

  • When creating a single listing (here)

  • When creating listings in bulk (here)

  • When editing listings.

    • From the Listings manager, click the 3 dots, then Edit (here)

    • Or click Edit when viewing your listing

How to change a listing’s owner

Simply input or edit the owner field when creating or editing a listing in any of the above locations (“Where is it done?” ^).

Important notes:

  • The listing owner cannot be changed if a listing already has at least 1 offer or order.

  • Once a Poster reassigns the owner of their listing to someone else, they will no longer be able to view and manage it (here).

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