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Create or cancel orders
Create or cancel orders

How to create an order, accept an offer, or cancel an order.

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Once a seller accepts an offer, a new order is created. Orders represent a record of an exchange and allow sellers and recipients to more easily facilitate the transaction.

This article is helpful if:

  • You are claiming something on the platform

  • You are posting something on the platform

Where is it done?

  • Orders are created within the item itself when an offer made by a recipient is accepted by the seller.


Creating an order

As a seller, when you accept an offer, you will be prompted to confirm a new order. You will also have the opportunity to edit the order price per unit at this time and to account for any new agreed-upon purchase price. Confirming the order will create a new order and send it to the recipient for next steps.

Paying for an order

If the seller’s organization accepts payments, any order that isn’t free must be paid for on the Rheaply Platform by the recipient. Payment can be made via credit card or ACH.


At this time, logistics should be coordinated via messages and should take place off-platform. Once a seller delivers the order, they can mark an order delivered. Recipients must mark an order received in order for the order to be completed.

Cancel an order

Prior to an order being completed, either recipient or seller can cancel an order.

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