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Mark an order delivered
Mark an order delivered
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As a Seller, once you deliver an order, you can mark the order delivered, notifying the Buyer and asking them to mark the order received to complete the transaction.


  • For organizations that have Payments enabled: an order must be paid for in order for the Seller to mark it delivered (the order status must be Active - Paid).

  • For organizations that have Payments disabled: an order must be Active in order for the Seller to mark it delivered.

Who can do this?

  • Sellers (post)

  • Admins

Where is it done?

  • View order


  1. Navigate to an Active Order (or Active - Paid if Payments is enabled for your organization)

  2. Click Mark item delivered to mark the order delivered.

Marking an order delivered does not complete an order, but it will notify the Buyer to mark the item received, which will complete the order.

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