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Cancel an order
Cancel an order
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Buyers or Sellers are able to cancel an order while it is active. Canceling an order will refill listing quantity to the original listing and let either party know that the items should be returned and any associated payment must be refunded. Currently, refunds and returns are coordinated via the Rheaply customer success team (


  • Order status must be in one of the following: Active, Active - Unpaid, Active - Paid, Active - Delivered.

  • Completed orders cannot be canceled.

Who can do this?

  • Buyers (recipient)

  • Sellers (post)

Where is it done?

  • When viewing an order


  1. Access your order one of two ways:

  2. When viewing an order, at the very bottom of the page, click Cancel order.

A confirmation window will appear detailing what will happen. Click Yes to cancel the order. Email if you need assistance with a refund or return.

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